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by RafaelEmons
01 Apr, 2017
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Threat from the other "hunters"
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Threat from the other "hunters"

Maybe add a time lock to the marine cendors so after 1 hour you can get AP? Seems easy enough
by RafaelEmons
12 Mar, 2017
Forum: General
Topic: What’s next for Hellhunter?
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I noticed this as well, when I click View Latest Post on the thread topic it just seems to refresh the page and doesnt do anything.
by RafaelEmons
08 Mar, 2017
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: What artifacts would you like to see in Hellhunter?
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What artifacts would you like to see in Hellhunter

Hello... my wishes for UO.

Jewelery Box
Weapon Rack

all the above would work like a bodbook...
we could drop items in it... and then use a filter to find what we need.

9,95 for each item and a life time of saved time sorting rings/bracers/armor and weapons.

Thank you.

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