Other Alternatives for crowd funding.

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Other Alternatives for crowd funding.

Postby Jet Strange » 23 Nov, 2016

So I'm not sure if you ever got my message on Kick starter so I'm going to add it here and add more:
Its pretty much a Video game Crowdfunding site its been on the rise you should check it out :)

This is another crowd favorite! and with this one you can keep the funds you get.

Now Let's say you want to restart another Kickstarter campaign the only thing I would say have is a 15 buck pledge and don't limit it (trust me on this pledge will save your campaign) I know you want the game funded but patience is the key when it comes to Kickstarter.

Deprived Dev
Deprived Dev
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Re: Other Alternatives for crowd funding.

Postby chai » 23 Nov, 2016

Sweet thanks mate!

We just made a thread about the next step here :)

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