What artifacts would you like to see in Hellhunter?

What would like to see in Hellhunter?
Hiro Dark

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Re: What artifacts would you like to see in Hellhunter?

Postby Hiro Dark » 04 Dec, 2016

Glad to see you guys are still up and at it! Found your project just a week or two before Thanksgiving, and was sad to see that the project was really short of its budget. Then quite glad to have just found that, as you said, no Hellhunter goes in without a backup plan.
Anyways, enough of my jabbering! An idea came to me as I was looking at what others were suggesting. I don't have any precise idea in particular, but instead possibly a classification of cursed artifacts-Haunted, or something along those lines.

The general idea being that, like all cursed things, they have potent powers, but not actually very many drawbacks...at first. But using the power of spirits implicitly opens oneself to them. So instead, as they're taken on missions, there's a stacking percentage chance of the Hellhunter becoming possessed temporarily after any mission any haunted item is brought along, resulting in blackouts(reflected as time-sensitive jobs no longer being available and skipped time). If other factions are existent, like I saw mentioned in another topic, relations between the Hellhunter and them might be altered slightly or significantly, probably for the worse because the spirit possessing the Hellhunter probably doesn't care about the consequences its actions will have for its host. Or if Police forces become a factor in the game, being possessed might result in unwelcome police attention if the spirit taking the Hellhunter out for a joyride is particularly violent. Money might also be spent frivolously as a Spirit indulges in the pleasures of life they can no longer partake, or they might "lose" some of the Hunter's equipment in their carelessness. Of course, a spirit could also possess the Hellhunter intending on solving its own death, resulting in clues or leads to new jobs being found on their person when they wake back up-giving the player just a tiny bit more incentive to continue risking themselves being open to a otherworldly spirit for just a bit too long. The only way to reduce the chance of a haunting spirit(s) from possessing the Hellhunter is to abstain from bringing along any haunted artifacts to allow their resistance to such matters to slowly build back up-maybe even only letting the odds of possession reduce at all if the Hunter outright gets rid of the artifact(s) entirely, which could prove particularly troublesome if some artifacts have a habit of finding their way back in the hands of their chosen 'owner'.

Overall, the idea would be powerful benefits without any(or with greatly reduced for its apparent power) immediate side effects, but overuse always results in the objects becoming much more trouble than they're worth.


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What artifacts would you like to see in Hellhunter

Postby RafaelEmons » 08 Mar, 2017

Hello... my wishes for UO.

Jewelery Box
Weapon Rack

all the above would work like a bodbook...
we could drop items in it... and then use a filter to find what we need.

9,95 for each item and a life time of saved time sorting rings/bracers/armor and weapons.

Thank you.

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Re: What artifacts would you like to see in Hellhunter?

Postby chai » 17 Mar, 2017

Something like this? :)
supernatural_s01e21_02 - gun rack.png
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